Medical Block

At Medical Block, we believe people have a right to accurate and unbiased information about all types of medicines. We are charting a new course for evidence-based grading of treatments.

General Block

At General Block exemption regulation frees categories of state aid, deemed to bring benefits to society that outweigh the possible distortions of competition in the Single Market triggered by the public funding, from the requirement of prior notification to the Commission.

Army Block

The Army leave policies are an important command requirement and care must be taken to prevent misuse of leave. The frequent use of leave will make a positive contribution to morale, level of performance, and career motivation.

Education Block

At Educaitona Block we provide a professional, comprehensive and confidential counselling session to our clients. Our counselors can aid you with the step by step guide towards your future as they provide services such as the application process etc.

Kashmir Block

Kashmir Block we give the all services about the medical issue to our residents, we have a lot of hospitals and medical staff in our Society that they work for 24 hours for our residents, and we think that it is a great.

Islamabad Block

Al-jannat gardens in Islamabad is a residential project offers various sizes of residential plots and also commercial plots in the scheme , This housing scheme is launched already and almost development is completed.